There are many different aspects to creating a successful direct marketing campaign for clients. The message and the design appeal need to pair well with the technical format and form factor so that customers enjoy the combination so much that they will not turn away from engagement like they will on poorly designed sites.

Mobile as a form factor, in particular, is one of the more effective ways of creating a presence that will get noticed and acted upon. If your marketing campaign includes the capability of payment right away from an online source, mobile can help increase your conversion rates.

Here are some things to look for in the mobile portion of your next direct marketing campaign:


Using a unique mobile design that is tailored for the campaign that you have been working on, you should see better response because it is easier for respondents to use. It should also seem to be more relevant to the needs or desires that they have. Conversely, one of the worst decisions that you can make is to use a design that isn’t responsive or tailored to the needs of the tablet and smartphone audience.

Of course there are some instances where clients have used a non-mobile web page with campaigns that pointed to a mobile application that could be downloaded for use with mobile sites. If the promotion is quite compelling, that can be a good way to get your mobile design or application onto customer’s phones. Overall, good design for mobile with have varying positive return on your campaign, while non-customization normally ends up being a negative.


If you are using a specific application that needs to be loaded to fulfill part of your campaign, take a look at the application’s security requirements before you send them out. Many customers that are in the Millennial generation or younger are typically very careful about putting any application on their phone or tablet that asks for more security rights that it actually should need. Even when there is a need for the application to access certain data, younger people are also noted for their ability to factor in whether the utility of the application is worth the giving up the data that it requires on your mobile device.

You can control a lot of how invasive your application is by using direct marketing companies like They are on top of the trends that describe what is acceptable and what is not among potential respondents. They can also help you develop other technical requirements that will fit your overall strategy.


The approach that you make is something that can be enhanced by the technology that is specific to mobile devices. One of the most popular concepts is to use push technology to send a campaign for advertising or direct marketing to a customer who enters a geographic area that is targeted by that campaign. Being able to receive a coupon or an offer when you are near a retail store that sells products that are in the campaign tends to push campaign conversion results upwards.

Mobile also allows you to vary the response types to fit the customers needs in ways that are immediately accessible to them.

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