The majority of businesses today work with remote freelancers, clients, partners and even colleagues, thanks to the possibilities within modern technology. We are now able to conduct most of our business via phone or email, but when it comes to high-profile clients or business deals, it is always favourable if not necessary to do so face to face. Geographical dispersion can make this rather difficult and costly; however, MeetingZone offers various solutions that will save a lot of energy, time and money. No more ridiculous travel expenses or complicated software! MeetingZone offers a simple set up with personal assistance making your online meetings, webinars and events easily manageable and successful.

MeetingZone uses high performance, state-of-the-art, personalised Unified Communications, Web and Audio Conferencing services. With offices in Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Wales, MeetingZone has over 4,500 loyal customers and is currently expanding its reach to the Asia Pacific region. It has recently acquired the UK’s leading Microsoft UC specialist Atia Communications. With the use of their conference call services, you will be able to conduct your conferences in a simple manner that includes a lot of helpful features that are available anywhere in the world.

MeetingZone’s Managed Conference Calls offer an Operator Managed Service that will manage the call and audience for you. You will be provided with a list of attendees and have the option to record your call and set up a Replay service. In order to ensure complete efficiency, it has the ability to run Q&A’s and voting sessions. This is a highly valuable tool, which can prove to be essential to your company. The City Desk is one of MeetingZone’s conference call services, extremely useful for companies that need to recharge their clients for calls. With the use of an integrated billing system, you will be able to keep track of all costs. The billing details are also available in Excel format. The internet access page to your City Desk can be customised using your companies’ logo which will also appear on emails and invites.

Using MeetingZone’s Call Record, recording your conference calls will become extremely simple. By pressing #7 on your telephone or accessing Conference Control online, you will be able to record your meeting and access it later on MeetingZone’s custom area. MeetingZone’s conference call services also include Self Managed Conference Calls, which allow you to set up meetings from anywhere in the world using a dial-in code and a provided PIN. Thousands of companies trust in the Self Managed Conference Call system due to its effectiveness. Using the Outlook Tool or Lotus Notes Tool, you will be able to schedule conference calls directly from your email or calendar system.

MeetingZone offers the most comfortable solution for all your online meetings. With its simple set up and a variety of options to choose from to fit your needs, MeetingZone has become the go-to company for all shared communication services. It’s no wonder enterprises such as easyJet, Ashridge Consulting, Debenhams. Bensons for beds, Aesica and Walker Morris have put their trust and loyalty into MeetingZone. MeetingZone offers an effective platform from which to share information at any time, from any place, helping small businesses as well as large enterprises to conduct their business in a time and cost efficient manner. With MeetingZone’s trained operators, you can rest assured that all your online events, meetings and webinars will run smoothly, and all the necessary details and files are documented with easy access. Upon registration, you will be assigned your personal account manager who will be available to you for all enquiries.

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