How Does New Car Technology Help You Drive?

As the 21st century has progressed, the way we have driven our cars has revolutionised, with new technologies being at the centre of such a change. Nowadays, almost everything about the way that we drive is different to how it once was, with cars being faster, safer and more economical than ever before. But, as well as the cars themselves changing, the technology to help drivers has changed, too. This makes driving itself easier than ever before. Here’s a look at the latest technology that’s helping you drive safely.

Younger Drivers Helped By Telematics

A recent blog post from AA Cars has revealed the importance of telematics boxes to young drivers. Whereas younger and new drivers have historically always added themselves to a parent’s or spouse’s policies and not been the policy holder to keep premiums low, telematics boxes allow them to have their own policy at a reasonable cost.

A telematics box works by monitoring the way that the car is being driven, providing feedback to the insurance company about whether it’s being driven safely and correctly, monitoring things such as speed and braking distance. If the driver drives safely, they’re then rewarded at the end of their insurance, with their renewal price massively reduced. This way, the driver is incentivised to drive safely.

Parking Assists

Ever thought that you were a rubbish parallel parker? Or just someone who struggles to reverse into a space? Well now there’s the technology to help you. Reverse and front parking sensors are now available on a number of new models. This way, as well as doing all your observations as normal, your car will tell you when you’re getting close to an object, beeping at you and showing you on a screen just where it is. As well as increasing your parking ability, it’ll lower your chances of bumping and scratching your car.

Built-in Sat Nav

Finally, if you’re an uncertain driver, or someone who always likes to know exactly where they’re going, then a built-in sat nav is the perfect option, as it will always allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

Many new cars now come with this option, with some even having it as standard. Positioned perfectly on the centre dash, there really is no excuse for taking your eyes off the road.

Of course, there are more ways that cars are becoming safer and easier to drive, too. So this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you’re unsure about how safe your car is, take a look at its safety rating online.


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