Casino has changed an incredible amount over the several millennia that it has been in cultural existence, especially with big brands such as 666 casino, offering up an abundance of games. From its humble beginnings across the ancient world, to its monolithic status across the online and land-based spheres it enjoys today, it would be wrong to say that casinos have stayed the same over the years. In order to properly ascertain how casino has changed over the years we’ll have to take a look at its history, let’s have a quick look. 

Early Beginnings 

Gambling has been a human past-time since the earliest moments of history, the earliest recorded example of it comes from 2300 BC China, but there is definite reason to believe it was going on way before this. Either way, gambling has been a popular fixture in people’s lives for at least 4000 years, but the inception of a dedicated casino may have taken a lot longer to come to fruition. 

It all depends on what you think a casino really is; whilst there were definitely gambling halls and inns before the 17th Century, historians aren’t sure whether these were officially designated by higher authorities. The Casino de Venezia is widely acknowledged as being the world’s first designated casino, created in 1638. This was the impetus for casinos across Europe to flourish, quickly becoming beacons of grandeur and extravagance. 

The Golden Years 

Across the pond in the US casinos took a lot longer to morph into the gigantic beasts they are today. In fact, it was only at the turn of the 19th Century that Las Vegas – the country’s most famous gambling hotspot – became the go-to location for a spot of gambling. It also spent the years between 1910 and 1931 under the influence of a complete gambling ban, something that really didn’t do much to quell the inhabitants’ major love for it. 

In 1931 gambling was legalised once again in Nevada, and what happened next has paved the way for casinos as we know them today. Taking cues from the vast and excessive nature of some of Europe’s super casinos, Las Vegas was quickly overrun by incredible casino complexes, the size of which had never been seen before. One of the main ways how casino has changed over the years it purely in terms of size – in the decades after the gambling ban was lifted these places got exponentially bigger. Midway through the 60s corporate commercialism arrived in the city proper, making things even more extravagant – the golden age of casino had begun. 

Here Comes The Internet

What’s that in the distance? Oh yeah, it’s the Internet. Something that has changed casino in a staggeringly huge manner, bringing it to a newfound audience of untold size. You can now play casino games anywhere in the world (ensuring you have a connection), it is ludicrous. If you want a good example of how casino has changed over the years just consider the rise of online casino. It changed things massively!

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