How Boat parts can be Automated with Technology.

The paper focuses on the automation of boat parts, where the primary focus is to illuminate on the various parts of a boat that can be automated. This study provides an in-depth and an extensive understanding of the working of a boat through identification of the standard parts in a boat. A boat is a vessel with the ability to move in the water. They are different from ships in size, carrying capacity and shape. For a boat to be set in motion, there are numerous parts integrated together to enhance both movement and buoyancy. The integration must be done technically and in expertise because the failure of one part could cause massive effects such as capsizing and sinking among others. There are some fundamental parts in a boat that must be present for automation. Most important is the boat actuator whose principal role is to elevate, tilt, push, pull, lift and useful for maintenance purposes. They are the perfect solution for simple, clean and safe movement.

The most common parts that can be automated in a boat

The Hull


This is an essential part of a boat for the enhancement of buoyancy. Buoyancy is a paramount aspect in a boat because for its movement the boat must float. The hull comprises of either the fiberglass or metal. Depending on the make of the boat, some have a mono hull, double hull or triple hull but there are only a few boats with more than three hulls.

The Keel


Like the backbone in a human being that enhances stability, this is the central bottom of the boat that serves the purpose of preventing a boat from drifting sideways. Balance is achieved through the Kneel.

The Stern

Keeping in mind there could be heavy storms and waves as the boat sails, the stern ensures a smooth motion regardless of the dangerous waves. The shape of the stern could either be round or square.

The Chine

The chine determines the speed of the boat. The boat electric linear actuators are integrated with the control systems such as the Chine to give feedback about acceleration and velocity. The Chine in conjunction with the electric actuator, enhance a clean, energy-efficient, non-toxic and quiet environment. The Chine resembles the stern, but its position on the boat is different as it lies below the water line. Chines could be round, which is known as a soft chine while the squared ones are known as hard chines.

The Transom

This part enhances the smooth movement of a boat through water and plays a vital role in redistributing energy thus turning the boat. The transom is a connection between the port and the side of a boat. Redistribution of energy occurs by transferring the energy generated by the boat to the hull. Thus, it is the most powerful part of the hull.


From the discussion above, there are various parts of the boat that have been identified to be automatable in a boat. It is in this light that our topic ‘boat parts can be automated’ comes into play because there is evidence. Unanimously, it is clear that the most fundamental parts of a boat can be automated, and this reflects the importance of automation in a boat.


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