In several cases Windows users have several small annoying issues, which do not quick solutions and take a lot of navigation and manipulations in the Windows Registry.

To the rescue comes Fixwin software by the Windows Club. FixWin has already been a winner from the starting with the Ver 1.0 released for the Windows 7, several years ago. When there was no Microsoft Fix It or ATS or Windows Troubleshooters.


And issues were needed to be resolved via manual tinkering of the registry or custom batch file downloads or patches, which most of the times went haywire and required professional supervision.

FixWin was able to solve many of the issues and was so popular in the days that it was even featured in Fox8live news TV.

Keeping the tradition alive, the TWC team happily released the Fix win Ver 2.0 for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

The new version of the free software provides assistance and fixes whooping 50 issues related to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

These 50 Issues has been categorized under the 6 main tabs namely as below:

  1. File Explorer
  2. Internet & Connectivity
  • Modern UI
  1. System Tools
  2. Trouble Shooters
  3. Additional Fixes.

The last tab contains the about section which mostly provides info related to the developmental details, agreement and related things of the software.

To check the in-depth list of all the fixes provided by the software you can always the check the link here at the Windows Club website.

Some of the benefits of the FixWin freeware includes, but is not limited to:

  1. There are over 50 Fixes and they are all available in one place together in small software of approx 500KB.
  2. The Software comes with an extensive list of trouble shooting PDF files, which is of great help in case the software is unable to change the registry values by itself for some reason.
  • The side panel of the software changes the color matching the background wallpaper so you do not have any issue viewing the options properly.
  1. The sheer small size of the software enables it to be shared over thumb drives or any other storage media to the PC which does not have an internet connection with ease.
  2. The software has been tested in several different configurations and any bugs are fixed quickly, which ensures you do not have to deal with the common issues manually again.

How to operate FixWin

The best procedure to operate the software is mentioned below:

  1. First go ahead and download the latest version of the software from The Windows Club.
  2. Then unzip the folder and run the software in the administrator mode by right clicking on the software and selecting the option “run as administrator”.
  • It is suggested to first check for any corrupted system files by clicking on the button provided on the welcome page. It will check for the corrupted files and repair them. The PC might restart during the process.
  1. Next it is advised to create a system restore point for just in case..
  2. Once done, select the issue you have and click on the related button for applying the fix. Please do not apply more than one fix at a time and restart the PC once a fix has been applied to have a check if it had worked correctly.

The software is updated frequently and hence will help you to keep the annoying issues at bay with ease. If the software was able to help you, feel free to join the windows club team by joining the group.

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