Like every artist I too love the challenges which I faced in this project with a unique theme. According to flume working on this project was inspirational and it did not limit the boundaries of creativity. This project was a unique opportunity to showcase three keys of success technology, creativity and innovation. Flume said, I have technology which is important because it can be used any where anytime.


Intel invites everybody to have an unexpected experience and to have a peek inside.

The video is already launched and you can view it below.


Did you know?

1. Intelligent sound is a project (short film) which will showcase the power of the Intel based tablets. With this video, viewers will find themselves on the journey of unexpected world of magic.

2. In this film viewers will see what is inside the Intel tablet and it will provide them with the extraordinary experiences. In this video you will see a tablet band coming to life and playing a musical piece. A conductor and his band which is based on Intel processor instruments will work all together to make something unimaginable.

3. Intel has been in existence for over 45 years and consistently providing users with vital intelligence computing devices to the world for the extraordinary computing experience.

4. Intel’s director Jayant Murty said that this short film is designed to be an entertaining sound and light experience. He also added that it is also to encourage the viewers to notice the technology used in making the heart of the tablets. It is very common to play music out of tablets but it’s very rare to see tablets creating it. Intel has transformed the technology of simple devices into innovative instruments for self expression.

5. Flume is the popular award winning producer and beat maker, musical prodigy and known as Harley Streten.

Note: This post has been sponsored by Intel, but all thoughts are our own

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