One of the biggest improvements any company can make to improving overall effectiveness of an organization is how it goes about tracking and managing information. The better organized the information collected is, the better the reporting. ERP software systems equip businesses with the ability to track every aspect of a given task, project or resource for a company.

When companies start out, they may adopt multiple processes to track tasks. In an informal system, one task could be tracked in multiple different areas across multiple platforms through a multitude of resources. While smaller companies are able to get by solely using spreadsheets and word documents for communication purposes, these solutions may hinder productivity.


The ERP systems streamline communication efforts and simplify the monitoring process. ERP systems facilitate project tracking as well. Everything from the budget to outstanding deliverables can be handled within this solution. Companies who may have an informal project tracking process in place can create better processes with these solutions. The information and tracking features makes sophisticated reporting available. It even helps keep projects on schedule and under budget. Resource management is an additional benefit these ERP solutions provide.

These solutions can track resources available for certain projects. Additionally, these same features can be used to allocate and monitor the usage of these resources as required. ERP systems cut down on the work of organizing and tracking of information. This enables the company to create real-time reporting with accuracy. This also allows the company to detect performance problems and develop strategies around how to resolve organizational challenges the company faces.

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