Anyone who doubts that the electronic cigarette trend is huge in England in 2015 needs to step back a moment and look at the facts. Yes, it is true that the use of e-cigs has levelled off for the past year or two but there are key market indicators that predict an upswing will be brought about by radical changes in the industry. These changes will be in terms of the hardware (innovative new vaping devices) and aromatic, flavourful vaping liquids that will revolutionise the e-cigarette industry as we know it today.

A Brief – Very Brief – History of E-Cigarettes

What would you say if you were told that the concept of electronic smoking alternatives was more than a half a century old? It might sound crazy but the truth is that a man by the name of Herbert A. Gilbert actually tried to get a patent on a primitive form of an e-cigarette way back in 1963. Unfortunately for him, cigarettes were not yet deemed unhealthy and were commonly smoked almost anywhere imaginable in public.


Those of us who remember those times are few and far between, but we smoked in university classrooms, on aeroplanes and even hospitals had smoking lounges at the time. His concept, needless to say, was a flop, that is until all the dangers of smoking came to light.

The next time the concept of e-cigarettes emerged was in 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist, Han Lik, decided it was time to provide a safer nicotine delivery system as his father had died of lung cancer. They were an immediate hit in China. E-cigs migrated to Europe where they took off and by 2007 they hit the States.

Years of Controversy Led up to the Current Trends in 2015

The World Health Organisation was the first to mention potential benefits whilst neither condoning the use of e-cigs nor condemning them in the beginning. Because of their global presence, other national and international health agencies began looking into the benefits and potential risks of electronic cigarettes. Some countries, like Canada, immediately imposed strict regulations and banned their sale and use under certain conditions.

To this day, electronic cigarettes remain controversial in England and the government has begun assessing whether or not to endorse them, regulate them or ban them. They are looking at whether e-cigs and vaping devices should be marketed as medical products or just plain general products. Any restrictions they impose will deal with labelling and of course, banning the sale of nicotine products to those under the age of 18.

2015 E-Cigarette Trends and Forecasts

Some of the most famous outspoken advocates of vaping believe that this is the year. One of the most notable advocates of vaping is Clive Bates, formerly the Chairman of ASH, Action on Smoking and Health. He has publicly stated that after a few years plateau, vaping will take off at extraordinary rates. He believes that manufacturers will focus more on simplistic styles made to make vaping as user-friendly and pleasurable as possible.

Those who blog regularly on vaping believe that a great number of high end shops will become quite trendy and there will be a phenomenal amount of designer vaping liquids. Some of the most flavourful liquids are already available and many of these are organic to further provide a healthy alternative to smoking. You can get a glimpse of some of the trendiest vaping liquids this UK based e-liquid retailor.

Vapers Becoming More Politically Vocal

Vaping advocates also believe that the EU directives that are currently espoused by England will fall apart as vapers become more and more vocal. As with anything having to do with politics, those with the loudest voices tend to get heard. More than two million people in England alone use electronic cigarettes or some other form of nicotine vaping device. Some currently smoke and have no immediate intention of quitting. Some are ex-smokers and others are trying to quit with the aid of vaping devices.

In any case, there is no doubt that smoking is the leading cause of deaths which could be prevented and it is well established that the danger lies in carcinogens and toxic chemicals in the smoke. These toxic substance are almost too many to name which is why most vapers find their method of inhaling nicotine by far safer. Unlike smoking, there is no fire and nothing to burn when vaping. This is the argument vapers use when contesting government regulations that have the potential to call up a ban, either in part or in full, of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

With so many flavours available and a great number of designer innovative devices, 2015 is set to be the year of vaping. Pressure to quit continues to rise, vaping is seen as a safe alternative to smoking so it stands to reason that there will be a resurgence of interest in e-cigs. It will be interesting to revisit this issue late in the year to see if predictions are accurate. There is no reason to believe the electronic cigarette trend in England in 2015 will not be just as it has been forecasted. Vaping is on the rise and this is the year of the vaper.

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