We all work on computers these days. All our significant data are available on the hard drive of our computers. We take our computers for granted, as if they are invincible, but this bubble gets burst when one day we wake up and see that our computer doesn’t start up. This is what happens to me a couple of weeks ago. I tried turning my laptop on, but it didn’t happen. I was scared because all my work was in the computer and it was not working at all.

I somehow managed to get my computer started, but some of my important files were not there. These files may have gotten removed during the process of starting the computer. So, I checked online and found a revolutionary product named EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free 9.0. I thought maybe it is just like all other data recovery wizard, but I was wrong. This wizard is unique, as it is a free software that helps recover deleted files, lost and formatted data from the computer easily and quickly.

The software is available for both the Windows and Mac Operating System. Also, the software is available in multiple languages like English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. This software is extremely useful for the people like me, whose main work is on the computers. This software is the best data recovery software that can solve a variety of data loss problems. My hard drive became corrupt, which was the reason that my computer was not functioning properly. The software has brought my data back in three easy steps, these are;

  1. Launch the program.
  2. Scanning the device.
  3. Preview and recover.

The software has a plenty of powerful data recovery features, which can help recover a multiple of things such as;

  1. Recover pictures, audio, video, emails and other documents.
  2. Recover lost data from computers, digital device, laptop and all types of storage media, which was lost due to virus, deleting of files and system error, etc.

One of the great things that I have liked about the software is its ability to make its users preview what is being recovered. This has helped me specify the file types that I wanted to recover. I was also able to filter search by file name, date, type and type to quickly find the files. Checking details of the files before recovering the file was a great feature.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is easy and safe

Recovering lost data had never been so easier. This software recovers all the desired data in just three quick steps, which is the main USP of the software. Unlike other software wizards, EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use, as it is made in an uncomplicated way. Even a kid can use this software. There are various reasons for data loss, like mine was due to the hard drive issue. So, it doesn’t matter how the problem occurred, the software is competent to sort things out for the user in the most efficient manner.

I had seen other data recovery software programs, but they were quite dull with their data recovery approach. The file name was not specified, neither was the type. But, EaseUs Free Data Recovery Wizard has made everything available in an organized way, therefore I didn’t have any problem in finding out the files that I wanted to recover. I have really liked the software and will also recommend it to everybody. I have even used the software for memory card recovery and it worked out really well. There is no need to spend hundreds of bucks on the agencies that provide data recovery services when you have a software like EaseUs Free Data Recovery Wizard.

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