With the rapid advancement of internet technology, it’s possible to launch highly effective online marketing campaigns. Incorporate the following conversion optimization tips and you can increase your online campaign ROI several times over.

Clean Up Your Backlinks.

Eliminate any link-building tactic that Google can see as less than ethical. This means, get rid of any reciprocal links, and paid links or directory listings of an unsavoury nature. Be vigilant about which sites link to you, and use the link disavow tool to remove unnecessary ones.

Analyze The Competition

What keywords are your competitors are bidding on, and what are their target positions in the sponsored results? Build your own keyword and bidding strategy using this knowledge. You can derive much inspiration from your competitor’s landing page copy and ad text as well.

Study Keywords

Study the keywords your Ads generate, to know user-targeted, high-conversion keywords. You’ll find several keywords you never thought of, including long-tail ones you can add to your AdWords account. This will help you fine-tune your campaign to a great extent.

Prevent Unqualified Clicks

Look up negative keywords in your search query reports as well. Negative keywords prevent your Ad from displaying, unless the keyword has direct connection to your offering. Flag product-irrelevant keywords and include them into your campaigns as negative keywords.

Do Multi-Variant Page Testing

Use Google Website Optimizer to test your multiple versions of your landing pages. Update your images, forms, headline, copy and other elements and test various versions at the same time. You can arrive at high-performing combination of elements that lead to max conversion rates.

Keep Keywords To A Minimum

Create master lists of max-converting keywords, after analyzing what converts best in your PPC campaigns. Don’t invest too much in high-costing, generic keywords that don’t convert. Either that create custom landing page content to obtain quality scores from generic keywords.

Break Your Campaign

Increase your share of voice by breaking your campaign into many. This will prevent your budget from being eaten by high-costing high impression keywords. Set one campaign aside for costly keywords and use the others for more targeted, expensive ones.

Track Conversions Holistically

Track your web visitors across devices by using Google Analytics. You can tell where your visitors come from, their actual demographics, and what they are looking for. This will help you filter visitors into two segments; potential leads and possible leads.

Use Videos To Up Sales

Videos are a cost-effective solution that you can use to explain product benefits or take visitors on a behind-the-scenes company tour. You can even embed forms to generate leads within videos, and also track conversions for videos.

Implement Full Scale Page Optimization

Do a full-scale update of your landing pages. Reduce text, increase white space, eliminate clutter, streamline navigation, integrate social media sharing and put up trust symbols. Use your sidebar to put up organic testimonials. Apply the science behind conversion optimization and you can glean unbelievable gains in ROI.

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