Nowadays, websites are ruling the world. Each and every service today is provided through a website. People all over the world use websites in larger numbers. Also, this increases day by day and leads to the development of new websites. A lot of services are available through websites. Almost all fields and applications nowadays own a website and carry out their task through it. We cannot find a business or a company without a website today. Even a small business also owns a website today. Thus websites have a great importance today.

Website creation

As websites are very important, they are created or developed day by day. A lot of sources are available for a website creation. In general, the websites are developed by the website development companies and professional developers. Also, there are some tools that are available on the internet for creating a website even for someone with no background in programing. These tools are used by the individuals who wish to create a website of their own. One of the most popular building tools is Wix.


Wix Code

Wix is a free website builder which is used by millions of website owners today for building simple and powerful websites. The main goal of this website building tool is to allow anyone to manage their online presence. With the help of this free website building tool, anyone can build their own websites easily.

Recently Wix released a new product that now available in beta version called Wix Code. Simply, Wix Code is a powerful option to construct sophisticated websites and web applications in a fast and easy manner. No knowledge of coding is necessary.

What is Wix Code?

Wix Code is a part of the Wix platform. It enables the user to build a web application they want to build and to customize the data and behavior of Wix components. By using Wix Code, one can easily create dynamic web pages, generate databases and make their site more interactive. The user can use both the Wix API and third party APIs for external data sourcing, as well as make their site interactive with custom interactions using JavaScript.

As it is a part of the Wix platform, there is no hassle for the user for setting up the infrastructure and maintenance of the web environments. They can simply enjoy their better and quicker website creation. It enables the user to build innovative and creative websites and web applications.

Don’t need to know about coding

Wix is the best website building tool for a person who does not know a little thing about website development code yet want to build a website. This also opts for people who don’t have sufficient technical knowledge. This is because all of the features in Wix do not require any coding knowledge or technical knowledge. For example, if you are a business owner and you are in need to build your own website. Then Wix is very much useful for you. You can easily build your own website with the components in this website building tool.

Wix Code is a new product that adds even greater capabilities, while still maintaining the easy and simple UI of Wix. With Wix Code the users can easily create a database collection and manage all their information in it. This is as easy as filling out a spreadsheet. Similarly, designing your site is also easy with Wix. Once you setup the design template for one page, you can adapt this template to other page of your site.

Features of Wix code

Database collections

Users can collect and store their information in a database and use this information anywhere in the website.

Dynamic pages

By setting up one design style, users can create a number of pages with that single style and update their content in simple clicks. Each and every page is created in an automatic way in a unique manner with SEO compatibility. Also, users can have html5 website templates for their website design.

User input forms

With Wix Code, website owners can easily create custom web applications, forms and review sections to gather information from their visitors.


It’s easy to add custom interactions like hovering, sliding, toggling etc., using JavaScript. Even novices can use this feature very easily, since the friendly UI is made especially with that in mind. However, site owners with a little knowledge in coding could take JavaScript usage even further if they wish.


Wix Code has an API that helps the user to enhance the functionality of the site. The internal APIs in this website building tool is easy to use and it also allows the user to connect other external APIs. Also, users can customize the behavior of any component of Wix and they don’t need the knowledge of HTML and CSS for this.

To say in general, Wix is a great website builder. Wix Code adds even more powerful capabilities to Wix arsenal of tools that empowers website building professionals, beginners and experts alike, to build powerful websites. Whether the user is a creator, a developer or a designer it allows the him or her to do a lot with its features.

And most importantly, creating websites with Wix is fun! Even with no coding or design knowledge whatsoever, It’s possible to create a brand new and unique website in a matter of minutes – something that was completely inconceivable a few years ago. Wix is a truly creative platform, it allows you to tweak your website and make it your own very simply, using a simple drag-and-drop UI.

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