Something many companies struggle with is accurate time keeping. Employees have a tendency to work out systems where one will cover for another, particularly if someone is running late. While this is fine in theory, it ultimately costs the company money via lost productivity and employee benefits. However, with the advance of technology, a solution has come to light that ensures employers can accurately measure who was in attendance and who wasn’t.
Allied Time has presented a fingerprint time clock. This biometric clock functions by allowing employees to press their fingers onto the machine in order to sign in. Because fingerprints are unique, there is no way for one employee to ‘buddy punch’ or cover for a friend who may be running late.

Biometric fingerprint scanners are very accurate, able to read the prints of people even if their hands are cracked, wet, dirty, or otherwise faded. The clock can be linked to a computer so that it automatically registers an employee as present. All an employee has to do is press his finger to the machine again to clock out for lunch or for the day.
Some biometric fingerprint scanners also have a facial recognition system that triggers when a finger is pressed onto the device, ensuring that even if an employee somehow manages to fake their fingerprints, the machine will make a record of who was actually pressing the button.

While these systems are sometimes expensive, their cost is completely deductible from taxes; in addition, the lower-end biometric scanners start as low as $129.00, making it easily affordable for even the most shoestring of budgets.
If you find that your company has attendance problems or issues with chronic buddy punching, consider installing a biometric fingerprint scanner. Not only will this provide more incentive for employees to show up on time, but you’ll be able to tell exactly who is a hard worker and who isn’t based on when they get to work. Any investment you make towards a biometric scanner will more than pay for itself in increased productivity and earned revenue.

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