It is a given: super-fast fibre optic broadband will one day soon be a standard in every home, workplace and leisure area. With the easy availability of connected devices, and many of these working best when online, the simultaneous demands that the load can place on traditional broadband connections can leave them struggling. This is set to change.

HD Video

Gone are the days of grainy, inferior quality video making you scream with frustration. It is easy to stream HD video, ensuring you get the minute details of every moment you watch. Of particular interest is the fact that buffering is an issue of the past – instant gratification on your favourite TV series, catch-up TV and films.

You can also easily download an HD file, the only limit being the amount of storage on your computer. This means that your favourite movies are available in HD at the touch of a finger.

Cloud Storage

While we are talking about storage, so many of us know the pain of receiving a pop-up telling us that the start-up disc is almost full, and that we simply must delete some files before our computer will allow us to do anything. With fibre optic broadband, it is very easy to upload your less frequently accessed files onto the cloud and leave them sitting there until you need them.

When you do need to reaccess them, downloading is simple; set the download going, and by the time you have returned with your next cup of tea, your files are ready for you to use.

This means that the next time you upgrade your computer, your finances are not restricted by the amount of storage you need onboard – go for the best technical specifications you can, safe in the knowledge that your storage solution is easily accessible online.

If you do have enough storage on your computer, you can backup the entirety of your hard drive online with ease, leaving you with peace of mind that your files will never be lost.

Online Gaming

How many times have you been playing the latest RPG, only to be stuck in a moment of lag; returning a moment later to find your character has been killed by something that you couldn’t react to while the game was frozen? Super fast fibre optic broadband makes this a thing of the past – with no interruptions, superior data streaming and flawless control of your character, online gaming becomes a fully immersive experience.

Increased Productivity

With fiber optic broadband at home, you may never need to go to the office again. Internet connections are often hit by the need to be economical while providing a connection for an office full of people. The presence of your connection will mean that any work done at home can be done quickly, with confidence that there will be no interruptions to your workflow.

The outstanding feature of super fast fibre optic broadband is the capacity to engage in all of the described activities, simultaneously.

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