When you hire new employees, the first task is training them to understand how your business operates and what is expected for their job title. As established employees start to take on new responsibilities, they will require ongoing training as well. You could spend time and money creating paper books, printouts and other materials for training, but there is nothing more efficient than an online training platform like the program offered at www.learningzen.com.
These platforms operate online, so you don’t have to continually print books and other resources. You can customize the program to fit the needs of every training session you conduct. Once a program is created, you can use it teach to an endless number of employees. This ensures uniformity from one training group to another.

Individual Pacing

Employees can move through the material at their own pace. You may want to set goals to encourage everyone to finish a certain amount of material each day of training so that everyone finishes around the same time. This still allows each employee to move slower through material that challenges them while going faster through material that they have already mastered.

Training Class Flexibility

If you have a trainer dedicated to teaching new employees, you don’t want to pay that trainer to go over basic material that employees can grasp without guidance. You can use an online training program to quickly teach those basic points, allowing the trainer to focus class time on more complicated and important material.
You can use the virtual training platform for all or some of your course material, depending on the teaching style of the trainer. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of using an online training program.

Pacing and Focus

One challenging aspect of running an employee training program is keeping everyone focused on the material and moving along at an appropriate pace. You don’t want to run the class like an army drill sergeant, but you also don’t want to allow chit chat to run the course off track. You likely have a timeline to keep, and that timeline is important to company efficiency.
Online training platforms allow trainers to naturally pace a training class and gently steer conversations back to the material at hand. You get to decide how your training program is designed, and you can create a layout that moves the pace along when information is not critical and slows the pace down when information requires greater emphasis.

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