They say you have to spend money to make money, which is where clever investing comes in. By putting a little bit of cash into an investment opportunity, you could easily double your return. You’ve probably heard of all the same old-same old options before, from the stock market to real estate. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some alternative investment options to consider.

Investing in Businesses

If you’ve got a keen business mind, then this could definitely work in your favor. Angel investing has risen in popularity over the years, especially as more and more startups are launched. You may need to read through dozens of business plans before you find the one, but that’s part of the fun. There are various websites dedicated to angel investing. You could even take a look through some of the various crowdfunding websites, to see what appeals from there.


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Fine Wine

Yes, there is a market for fine wine. And yes, it is a profitable one. Collecting fine wine is a bit of an artform and is going to need the right guidance. It’s no good just picking a bottle out of thin air. Do some research into what kind of wines will be will more in the future. Invest in a couple of bottles (or cases) and sit on them until the time comes to sell.

Fine Art

Just with fine wine, investing in this type of thing is going to need some kind of guidance. If you’re already an art collector then you’re halfway there. If not, you’re going to need to know the difference between a Banksy and a Picasso. You can also simply opt to buy paintings you personally enjoy, then hope to sell them on for a profit later.

Gold and Silver

Both of these precious metals are hot commodities in the investment world. You can buy gold or silver items in a range of different ways. Some of the most popular include coins and jewellery, although there other ways to invest. It’s a good idea to know what you’re doing before you start bulk buying gold chains, however. Use something such as this Alternative Investment HQ guide to learn the best ways you can invest in precious metals.


This is another way to invest, if you have a keen eye. You can find collectibles in the strangest of places, from car boot sales to thrift stores. If you know what you’re looking for, then this could be a good moneymaker for you. Always research the value of an item before you part with your hard earned cash, however.


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Classic Cars

Isn’t this the dream? If you have a passion for automobiles then this could be the perfect way to invest. Hunt around for classic cars and rope in a mechanic to help you fix them up. You can hold onto them for a while or sell for an instant profit.

These are just some of the weird and wonderful investment options out there, although there are plenty more. Next time you’re thinking about putting some money aside, consider what else you could do with it.

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