Being a grad student is hard enough but without the use of technology, it’s virtually impossible anymore as everything seems to be geared towards online education and/or research. Whether you are studying for a family nurse practitioner degree online or in a traditional on-campus setting, you will find that much of the work you are assigned requires the Internet and a host of web apps that can make life as a grad student a whole lot easier.

1. iStudiez Pro

One of the most daunting tasks for someone studying for an FNP degree online is to keep track of all those classes, meetings, assignments and schedules at work. While you just might be a grad student studying for an online family nurse practitioner degree, you probably work full time at a hospital or doctor’s office as an RN. With a busy schedule like you have, there is no way to keep track of everything without a state-of-the-art scheduler that even communicates with your Outlook calendar and your mobile phones. What a great invention iStudiez really is.

2. Evernote

Then there are those endless notes and assignments that you just can’t seem to keep organized. Since you are on your computer anyway, why not sign up for a free Evernote account so that you can keep all your notes organized online in the Cloud, accessible from wherever you happen to be.

3. Dropbox

What about having a place to safely store all those digital files you are likely to need at any given moment? For research papers, collaborative projects with other students and digital files of any kind, you can pop them into Dropbox and access them as needed or even better yet, give your study partner access to your free Dropbox and when you can’t be working on your project, maybe they can! Sure saves a lot of time, especially when mobile.

4. Mendeley

Every grad student knows just how time consuming it can be to gather, collate, search and even cite research and so Mendeley seeks to solve that problem once and for all. Search through tens of millions of research papers to find what you need to use as information for your own paper and get help with formatting by looking to see which papers were highly graded and why.

5. Outliner

Do you remember way back when in your middle school years when teacher taught you to outline a paper you were going to be turning in? A certain portion of the grade went to the paper itself and a certain portion to the outline. If you’ve forgotten just how to set up an outline, this one web app makes it possible to quickly organize your thoughts and set up what you need to begin working on your thesis.

Those of us who can remember the days before computers wonder how we ever got through an assignment. Your teachers are probably thrilled with the ease at which they can assign, collect and grade your work. Now aren’t you glad to make their job easier? They sure are happy your work is cut out for you! Thank a techie today for making those web apps that make your grad life easier than any generation that went before.

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