In today’s era where technology seems to be changing each and every day it can be really bewildering to make a choice in printers available in the market. Earlier it used to be property of handful offices but now days along with a necessity in corporate world, it can be seen in most of the households. Greater the demand, greater is the choice which instead of being an advantage for the customer has proved to be a confusing factor instead. Let us see how we can choose the best printer for our requirements.

Types of Printer

Before we actually move on to the factors that will affect our purchase of the equipment let us have a look at the type of printers available in the market. Here we will discuss the most common type of printers available in the market.

Dot Matrix Printer

These are obsolete from the market because of the high cost as compared to the quality they provide. Improvement is evident yet the best of Dot Matrix printer can’t provide what others can in terms of quality and performance. Also they are very noisy.

Ink – Jet

Both the quality of the print and price is better than Dot Matrix printer. Though speed is slow for offices where work is in bulk yet they can be excellent at homes where you might have to take only few print outs in a day. The speed though depends on what to print and the quality desired.

Laser Printer

Best class of printers. The rate can vary according to the added features and increased clarity. It is very much affective in office environments where work is in bulk due to its amazing speed.

Factors Affecting Your Choice

· Operating System – Although most of the printers are operating system friendly yet few of them would not work with a certain OS. So before purchasing a printer you must know the operating system of your work station.

· Colour – The printer generally can be divided into two broad categories i.e. the Black and White and the coloured. Take notice that coloured printer can also print in sole black colour.

· Scale of the work – The size of printer or its cartridge where the printing ink is stored and the technology used for printing will largely depend on what is the printing frequency of the work area where printer has to be installed. For ex – You might not want a Dot Matrix printer if your department prints more than 500 pages each day.

The Final Verdict

Your choice of printer thus largely depends on your need and thus you must be very much certain about it. In addition to it do your researches before you jump into the market? There are endless companies providing endless offers for the customers. So you can find the same configuration in different company at lower price. But be sure that company has some brand value in the market. Don’t go for cheap price only as it is one time investment. So invest wisely.

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