Twitter is one website that is the first to strike the mind when we discuss social media marketing. Now, talking about the branding part, the importance of background design is well known and Twitter is no stranger to it. Twitter lets you upload a Gravatar and a personalized Twitter background. In practice, everybody can see your twitter avatar but twitter background can be viewed only by the followers. If you can attract a user via your background they shall soon be your followers.

Now that we are talking about custom Twitter background, it is about tons of things that entails appropriate use of branding.Though, there are unlimited options, but following is the list of most popular websites.

1. Artweet.

This lets you to take on adjustment process for thw Twitter background with respect to your requirements and everything is professional, corporate or quality. It offers you with an awfully evident gate to teem with dossier about your profile and again tailor the colors and image you desire. It is the easiest one to use.

2. Free Twitter Deisgner.

It is a free of cost tool as the name suggests. It is an advanced tool to bring you closer to the customized Twitter worldliness. You are sure to receive your concede innovatory view or pick apart from the well-liked template. Besides, you have text, icons etc. to consign representative regards to your Twitter background.

3. Wish a Friend.

It is an advanced release of the Twitter network crack that allows you to poke effects to your images before using it on the profile. You can poke more effects on your pictures that shall be pleasing displaying the aesthetics even on your iPhone

4. MyTweetSpace.

It offers free as well as paid features for Twitter customization. You make your own Twitter design templates or adjust your image, text, URL, nature etc. You pick besides the superb features to your Twitter profiles by picking the paid abetment @$4.88.

5. TwitrBackgrounds.

The tool offers both free and paid versions to actualize customized Twitter backgrounds. You can customize one of the provided templates with image and text @$9.99 and an absolutely customized background is available for $79. There are abundant more options to be had on TwitterBackgrounds.

6. Twilk.

Twilk is a lot varied in terms of features than the ones stated above. It does not insert an image or text on Twitter; instead it lets your friends’ profile pictures be your Twitter background. You can choose your Twitter friends pictures who you wish to insert in your customized background for Twitter.

7. TweetyGotBack.

TweetyGotBack offers a great collection of Twitter backgrounds. You only have to login into your Twitter account, choose the background from the given set of templates and then put onto to your Twitter background. It is a very convenient tool to use but will not add your image or name in the Twitter profile.

8. Twitter images.

This one shall give you tons of sterling Twitter backgrounds which you would customarily customize with respect to your requirements. Licensed varieties of the tool are available for 3D, Fantasies, cars, abstract etc. It also offers special Twitter forbearance screen @ $9.99.

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