This year is going to be winding down soon, and it is time to begin selecting the most surprising web services, such as Drupal web hosting, and presenting the lists for best services and plugins. The list being discussed here is all about Really Simple Syndication plugins, which are better known to most people as RSS feeder plugins. Here are seven of the finest and free RSS plugins to add to a website. Each plugin will be hyperlinked to click here to learn the full details and to download the download location, and there will full details and specs available as well. Simply follow the directions at this link for directions on how to migrate the site with plugins to Drupal, or click here for steps to convert the plugins to Drupal modules.


  1. Feedzy RSS Feeds


Feedzy RSS Feed is a dependable RSS feed plugin developed by Themelsle. The first biggest advantage Feedzy has over the myriad of other plugins is it is completely free. Themelsle has been and continues to produce plugins and themes for easy use on a fairly constant basis. The developing company is known for its quality, and the many plugins and themes are utilized by several hundred thousand people and the quickly growing customer base of Drupal as their preferred content management system. Their signature RSS feed plugin stands evenly with the rest of the high quality products made by Themelsle, and Feedzy only serves to further cement the position of the company as a standard bearer of quality. This particular RSS plugin permits its users to add a conglomeration of RSS feeds to their website for visitors to enjoy. The next plus with Feedzy is its simple functionality. It makes adding feeds efficient and easy with widgets and shortcodes, and the plugin constantly operates at maximum efficiency. The feeds are cached automatically as an added bonus to Feedzy’s many features. Also, the sleek and attractive look of the feeds displayed is on par with the performance. Feedzy RSS Feeds may be the best RSS plugin on this list.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. Super RSS Reader


Super RSS Reader is known for the graceful way it assists users in putting their RSS feeds on exhibit for their website. The first noticeable distinction for Super is the plugin is in a widget format with an impressive design. The developer of Super is jQuery, which is another developer with a reputation for quality plugins. The Super RSS Reader is an easy, superior option over the default RSS widgets many hosting services providers. The Super RSS Reader is still one of the best functioning, premium choices for this plugin category.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. RSS Image Feed


There is a large base of website owners with a fervent belief in the use of an abundant amount of images. They believe using a lot of images is the easiest and most attractive way to grab new visitors to their sites and hold the current ones as regulars. The RSS Image Feed plugin is the go-to RSS plugin for this group. The feed it displays is nothing but attractive images, and the plugin is available for free. The plugin package is light on the site, so it will have very little effect on loading time, and the control panel is easy to understand and operate. The plugin grabs the desired image the user wants to show in the eye-catching image feed, and it offers assistance in supplying an image with excerpts and a click-thru option. These options have a noticeably positive effect on the time it takes to load a page. Finally, the high ratings and massive usage supports the positive belief in its credibility.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription


Imagine being a visitor to a news site and having to read RSS feeds from every single category. Web readers very rarely want to read every feed from every category, and this plugin saves the readers time. It also saves the website owner money and customers. This plugin does wonders for variety sites and information blogs, and it works exactly as its name implies. Running this plugin proves site owners really do care about their visitors, and they can run it at no cost.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds


As the name in implies, this is another RSS widget plugin, but this one does a magnificent job of reducing clutter. It only displays information from a single blog in the feed as opposed to every one from every category being followed by the site builder. Customization is also involved with this particular plugin. The user can show images, add unique titles to the side, adjust image size, add blogroll links, adjust amount of posts to be displayed and select item orders. To sum it all up, this plugin enables freedom unlike most others.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. RSS Importer


The RSS Importer plugin is the simplest of the elite list of RSS plugins. It is the perfect option for users new to website building because as simple as Drupal web hosting makes the process, making a website is still an impressive task to undertake. The RSS Importer’s main function is to bring in posts from the feed and showcase them on the running site. It has no other tools or functions, and it is the most lightweight RSS plugin, so it will have virtually no effect on the load time of the page whatsoever.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


  1. RSS Aggregator


It is hard to believe the list finished off with the free RSS Aggregator. In the intro, it was promised all of the plugins would be free, but it is hard to believe one as useful and simple as this one is free. This RSS plugin is delivering certain, key functionalities, which is its primary purpose. Website builders using the plugin will be able to pick a post type, date, time, whether to add or leave out excerpts and the amount of posts in the feed being received at the website builder’s end. This can all be done using the feed of another website or the url. It is a simple function, which sets it apart from all others on the list.
Click here to learn the full details and to download.


Since the Drupal web hosting service has been gaining more of a following by Linux users, it is worth noting how great a welldone site would look with any of these free, sleek RSS feeder plugins running. Many WordPress developers have been choosing to migrate to Drupal, and this link makes keeping these plugins without having to find them in the Drupal marketplace simple. An RSS plugin adds more intellectual depth to a site. This list provided information on seven of the best, free RSS plugins, so it is time for the website owners reading this to go search the plugin market for a new RSS feeder to enrich their site experience.

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