When was the last time you checked your email? For most people, it’s only been a couple of minutes since they last viewed their inbox. Email is a popular medium perfect for marketing uses, but there are probably a lot of things you didn’t know about this great tool. Here are 7 facts that might not be on your radar.

7. It’s the Most Popular Way of Contacting People


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Social networking is all the rage these days, but that doesn’t mean websites like Facebook and Twitter have overtaken email as the best way to contact an audience. In fact, more people are signed up for email accounts than for any social networking device available. That means that, by building your email list, you’ll easily reach more consumers through email campaigns than by advertising on social sites.

6. It’s the Most Direct Method of Reaching Customers

Another downfall of Facebook and the like is that those sites are just too noisy. Social network users have to deal with dozens of status updates and advertisements presented all at once. An email campaign won’t suffer from this problem, as consumers can focus on one message at a time. You won’t find that kind of one-on-one interaction anywhere else online, or even in the real world.

5. It’s Increasingly Being Checked from Smart Phones


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Knowing about the popularity of email is useless unless you’re aware of how people interact with it. The majority of emails these days are viewed via smart phone, and need to be optimized for mobile devices. Creating a message that can easily be read on a small screen can make a huge difference in whether or not your email gets sent to the trash.

4. It’s a Venue Where Deals Work the Best

Everyone wants to save money, so discounts and offers are always great features to include in your marketing emails. Many companies offer new deals every single day, and competition can be stiff. Consumers definitely want to stay on top of your business’s special events, so emailing that information is currently the best way to keep your audience in the loop.

3. It’s a Super Personal Way to Communicate

Because email is so direct, it often has a completely different feel than social sites or TV advertising. If consumers can customize the types of messages your company sends them, the email campaign will become much more personal and enjoyable. Using email marketing services is a great way to ensure your emails are as personal and professional as they can be.

2. It’s a Goldmine for Collecting Data

The effectiveness of advertising campaigns is often hard to measure, but with email there will always be solid numbers that are easy to obtain. Companies can count how many emails get read in comparison to how many were sent, and can check their business statistics after the campaign to see how well it worked.

1. It’s Best When Done on a Schedule

People like routines. When your company sends a consistent flow of emails, it tells consumers that you are well-maintained and high-quality. Keeping your marketing emails on a schedule will definitely help your audience stay informed and interested in your business.

Because email is so popular, free, personal, and addicting, your company is sure to benefit from utilizing the service. Just keep in mind these lesser known facts and creating a great email marketing campaign will be a breeze.

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