Twitter is an excellent social platform for building brand visibility. Your business can reach more than 300 million people on Twitter. However, the large number of Twitter users overwhelms some business owners. Users seem to be tweeting and following market leaders and not new businesses. Sometimes the trending topics even in your industry are far from what you want to tweet about. It is easy for Twitter users to follow and unfollow your business within a short period. How do you keep up with your competitors and increase your followers? How do you keep your followers engaged in your conversations? Here are some ideas.

1. Share Great Content

Twitter followers will retweet, favorite and engage with your posts if the content adds value to them. Share useful information while remaining relevant to your industry or line of business. You do not have to talk about your products or services all the time. Be consistent in sharing useful content. Your followers will automatically share or retweet any useful content you post.

2. Create an Attractive Bio

Use the 160 characters that Twitter gives you to create a great bio that attracts followers. Include your business name, website, and any achievements or awards. Think of the keywords that may interest your target audience and use them to create a great bio. Be careful with your avatar and header as well. Ask professional designers who are experienced in customizing Twitter headers to create one for your business.

3. Add Personality to Your Tweets

One easy way to attract new Twitter followers is to share your personal experiences. What is your experience in building a profitable business? Someone out there wants to hear your story. Add some humor to your tweets. Twitter users want to interact with individuals and not robots. Share your interests and opinions occasionally and allow people to give their views on your tweets.

4. Schedule Your Tweets

If you want to share great content every day, you must allocate enough time to research. Luckily, you can use free tools to schedule your tweets instead of composing real-time tweets daily. One of the challenges that business owners face is balancing their social interactions with daily activities in their business. Once you schedule interesting tweets, you will keep your followers engaged while you focus on other aspects of your business.

5. Tweet More

You probably have been composing as many tweets as you can to attract followers. Well, you need to do more to get more followers. You need a strategy to double or even triple the number of tweets you share in a day. Allocate enough time every day for composing and scheduling tweets.

6. Add Pictures to Your Tweets

Most social media users are attracted to visual content. You can share the same text in an attractive picture. You will get more retweets with visuals than with plain text. Combining text with pictures will attract more users to your profile and content.

You can increase sales in your business with effective social media marketing. Twitter is a great platform to use to reach your target market with your products or services.

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