Ecommerce is a very competitive place online, because if customers are not satisfied with your product they can easily switch on to another one. Reducing the price of a product or providing a very high quality product is secondary things while selling your product online because people have ample of options online. One of the most important factor these days for eCommerce website is its search engine optimization. Apart from that Below mentioned tips will definitely help you in getting more usable ecommerce site :

Call to action and sign up buttons : You should avoid sign up forms which are lengthy and time consuming. On an eCommerce website you don’t require irrelevant information like their contact number, or their work profile etc. An email id and password can create a gateway to enter into the website. Call to action buttons should be used in such a manner that they don’t distract the attention of customers from the main information on your website .

Buying without the need to register : One thing that annoys the online shopping customers is the lengthy sign up process. The best option would be to allow the users to check out the products without any registration . If they want to place an order then they can create a registration ID and get their product at their doorstep.

One of the most important aspects of ecommerce is the use of proper online visual merchandising. To keep your conversion rates high, you have to catch the attention of your visitors. Then they must be guided through your product pages and your checkout system. Visual cues can be quite beneficial in making that process successful. For example, the online visual merchandising you display on your homepage must tell a story and draw visitors in. Clickable images leading to product pages and images or videos showing happy customers are examples of ways to catch the attention of visitors. Tiled images with captions can also help encourage your potential clients to click through to the next pages of your ecommerce site.

Search Functions : If search column is provided on your website then it can help your customers to search whatever they want without getting confused and frustrated. Nobody is having that much time to read the description of every single product. Thus the search column can help the customers in getting whatever they want.


Breadcrumb Navigation : This kind of navigation helps you to get an overview of your online shopping process. This will help you in getting an idea that how many steps are left for completion . It can also help the customers to go back to the previous step if they want to edit something. So they don’t have to bother about getting started from the initial step .

Shopping cart : Your shoppers should ensure that they are using a secured website and their information is not leaked to anyone else. The payment gateway should also be a renowned one so that the payment mode is secured from the threat of hackers . Information related to your credit and debit card should be secured while doing payment for buying products from that vary particular site.

The most annoying factor is that when you include some kind of hidden charges in the shopping process. You should make it clear to your customers that details regarding the price of product and shipping charges etc.  are clearly mentioned . This will  create a good repo of yours with the customers. So with the help of these tips you can modify your eCommerce sites and make them user friendly.  In return it will increase your sale and ultimately profit .

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