The latest economic crisis shook the entire world so heavily, that even after 4 years after it began, many companies and countries still struggle with its negative effects. Some of the most common negative effects implied in a worldwide economical crisis are lack of employment, salary cutoffs, reduced benefits and bigger taxes. In fact, the current economic crisis also strongly affected the way people perceive their jobs. If only a few years ago 4 out of 10 employees were unsatisfied with their current job, now most employees claim they are grateful for holding on to a job and having a fix salary at the end of the month.

Luckily, the employment market seems to be recovering, as more and more companies claim they have reinstated their recruitment services. Of course, most of the jobs are suitable for those having computer skills as today each company requires at least one IT person. In fact, the last decade was extremely profitable for those deciding to opt for a career in the IT field as more subsidiaries and multinational corporations have developed, each requiring the help of skilled technicians and IT masters. But why should people continue to develop their IT skills and aim for a job in the IT field? Out of the multitude of reasons, here are the best:

1. The money. By far the most important criteria when opting for a job in the IT field is that these type of jobs are remunerated with high amounts of money. Moreover, the better you are, the more money you will earn. IT jobs are by far one of the best paid jobs in the entire world, no matter the country. Especially in the UK, the revenues for an IT worker can raise up to around 3,000 pounds for a junior to mid-level employee. Unlike other Eastern-European countries where labor force is cheaper, UK employees will constantly seek for better job opportunities, including better salaries. Moreover, the main advantage of the IT jobs is that one can choose from a variety of positions, including senior developers, project managers, team leaders or architects – all of which are extremely well paid. The only requirement in the field is to do your job with dedication.


2. Constant changes. The world of informational technology is probably the most dynamic of them all as it is submitted to daily changes. Thus, although you are most likely to work in an office with small outside contact, you will still be connected to the newest pieces of information and technology in real time. Moreover, because of the constant changes in the IT world, you will permanently face new obstacles and challenges, which can only make your job more interesting and exciting. Bear in mind that some of the biggest achievements in the world of IT (including tablets, mobile computing or cloud storage) were unknown to the public only a few years back while today they constitute important parts of our daily existence.

3. You will be valued and evaluated only based on your skills and performances. The field of informational technology (IT) is probably the best field if you want to receive credit for your personal skills and achievements. Whether in other fields you could easily be evaluated as part of a team or based on other criteria, the IT field is the one field where you can make it only if you have the necessary knowledge. Of course, this can only be an advantage for all those seeking for personal recognition.

4. You can easily promote. Another reason to consider a career in the IT field is the high promotion rate. Where other jobs ask up to 10 years of hard work and constant recognition in order to promote to a higher level, the IT field offers better paid jobs to its employees only after a couple of years. Moreover, IT employees benefit from periodical evaluations and, if they successfully promote three evaluations on a row, they will achieve a higher position, a better salary and improved responsibilities in no time.

5. You have the chance to travel. Last but definitely not least, IT jobs offer the possibility of constant travels. Although you might work on a desk for up to 10 hours a day surrounded by data and various tech pieces, this does not necessarily mean you cannot get to see the world. In fact, with the globalization and internalization of most multinational corporations, employees have now the opportunity to travel abroad for 3 or 6 months, up to a couple of years. Apart from seeing a different country and working with different people, your international corporation will also pay you per diem money, as well as a decent place to live while you are away. Add the fact that you will continue to receive your monthly payment in your country, and you will find some truly happy employees!

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