“Make millions just be posting reviews!” and other spammy ads have made the concept of making money online laughable. However, it really is an option is you take the right approach; but it’s not going to be easy and you’re going to struggle with little to no pay for awhile. It’s just as tough as any other entrepreneurial endeavor, and you might be the victim of a scam from time to time, too. However, in the era of a mobile ready world, now is the time to pursue your dreams of working from home in yoga pants.

There are many reputable ways to earn money on your laptop without any gamble at all. However, you’re going to need to hone some skills and market yourself accordingly. If you think 2015 is your year to “do you,” then check out these online moneymaking options. Which one is best for you?

1. Web design and development

This is a recession-proof job because there will always be the need for more, better websites online. Plus, it’s shocking to find out that the vast majority of small businesses have zero web presence. That means that the majority of up and coming businesses will eventually be looking for a pro just like you to do their job. You can start by offering gorgeous WordPress sites if you’re not a tech geek yet.

2. Invest in properties

There are risky investments and then there are safe investments. If you have a background in real estate, you’ve probably already perused through some online listings or consider going in on a flipping project. Choose an investment that’s relatively safe, such as leasing a property in an established area, and moving into bigger projects from there.

3. Social media management

This is the job everyone thinks is easy until they actually have to do it. Managing a social media site for multiple companies can be mind-numbing and you need to quickly learn their market and how to cater towards it. Just because you have thousands of so-called friends on Facebook doesn’t mean you have what it takes to be a social media manager. Get your feet wet by volunteering your services for a non-profit first.

4. Writing web content

Somebody needs to write all that content you gobble up online all day, so why shouldn’t it be you? Use those writing chops to earn some money, starting with paid blogs or picking up a local gig. Once you have an established portfolio, clients will start coming to you.

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