Advertising is one of the most expensive costs for any business.  This cost is usually always necessary if a business wants to succeed in their endeavors.  To be most effective in your advertising endeavors, it is important to choose methods that provide the best return on your investment.  Otherwise, you will ultimately be wasting your money.  For this reason, many people are advertising with personalized signs.  Although basic, this form of advertising can be very effective for your business.  The following are a few ways in which you can use signs to generate buzz.1 – Sale Signs

The most obvious situation to use a sign is when a promotion is happening.  Clearly businesses can use other methods for promotion like social media, mailers, and radio ads.  However, a basic sign or banner is a great way to alert anyone that walks by that a promotion is going on.  When you are using sale signs, the following suggestions are recommended:

  • Do not keep them up everyday
  • Personalize them for the specific promotion
  • Make them large enough so they are visible from far away

2 – Branded Signs

Many companies also use signs to help with their branding efforts.  These signs can be used at events, tradeshows, and at your own offices.  Some signs can be as basic as a banner with a company logo.  Other signs can include motivational messages for employees.  Most of the time, these are signs on the cheap.  Therefore, you do not have to use much of your advertising budget for these visuals.  Even better, it can help foster a better company image and build employee morale.  All of these efforts ultimately increase the performance of your company.

3 – Car Decals

Furthermore, if you want to increase awareness about your company, you can take advantage of car decals.  This form of a sign is a great way to advertise to all of the drivers on the road.  You can include the following information about your business on the decal:

  • Company name
  • Tag line
  • Website
  • Phone number

Whenever you advertise on cars, make sure to include the right amount of information.  Too much information can be overwhelming to a potential consumer – especially on the road.  However, if you include too little, they may not understand what you have to offer.  For this reason, what you write in the tag line will be extremely important.

4 – Street Signs

Finally, street signs are a great way to direct the traffic to your place of business.  Although they may seem old-fashioned, they work.  Homebuilders have been using these types of signs for years.  They place them on the sidewalks to help new homebuyers find their properties.  Without these signs, many people might overlook their developments.  In addition to homebuilders, politicians use street signs to advertise their initiatives.  Many people consider them to be very effective.  Even better, the cost is low.

When you have a business, sometimes you have to be creative with how you advertise.  Signs are a unique option to get the word out to potential customers.  Even better, they work.  Try using one of these 4 signs to advertise about your business today.

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