There is a special someone in the life of your child who should be included in the Christmas shopping list. That person is responsible for a lot of the ways in which your child will grow up. That person will have some influence on what and how your child learns as they grow up. That person may play as important a role in your child’s life as you do. That person will be someone your child respects, honors, likes and appreciates. That person is your child’s teacher. But if you are going to give your child’s teacher a Christmas gift, what should you give?

Well, we are partial to personalized gifts because we are in that business. For a teacher, regardless of how long your child has been their student, you want to try to keep the gift idea within a certain price range and sentiment. In other words, as much as the teacher may enjoy an expensive gift, it really isn’t fitting coming from your child. So, to help you out with this very important decision, we are going to suggest you consider giving that special teacher a personalized funny Christmas shirt as a gift.

There are several reasons why this is a good idea. Here are a few of them:

1 – Cost

First and foremost, a personalized t-shirt gift is affordable. It isn’t cheap nor is it extravagant however, your child won’t be looked upon by others strangely with a gift of this kind.

2 – Unique Keepsake

If the teacher who is receiving the personalized t-shirt gift is retiring or a team coach, these are topics that can be used in the personalization. Using something that is truly a personal event or characteristic of the teacher turns that gift into a very special keepsake that will be treasured.

3 – Teaches Giving

If your child is old enough to learn what it means to give a gift to someone special, who is not part of the family, this is a great opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. It is important to recognize these key people in our lives and a teacher is one of those deserving individuals.

4 – Teaches Other Great Lessons

To have a teacher that your child feels so strongly about that they insist on giving a gift at Christmastime shows that your child has other important qualities. The process of selecting the design for the personalized t-shirt should be shared with that child. This way he or she can learn additional skills related to choosing a gift or other item for whatever the reason. It also teaches your child respect, responsibility and shows that your child cares about other people.

Come To YayPrint To Create That Special Teacher Gift

All the tools you need to create that unique personalized t-shirt exist online. The way in which you can access them is through our mobile app. Either download it from our website at or through your preferred app store. Once you open it up you’ll be able to create a new design or enter the shop to scroll through existing ones. Whatever design you pick from the archives can be changed up in whatever way you wish to get it perfect.

When you choose to create a new one, you’ll find all kinds of designs for inspiration and you can even upload your own ideas to edit in any way you choose. The online design tools on our app are incredibly easy to use and in minutes you will be able to have the personalized Christmas t-shirt gift completed for your child’s teacher. Just enter the check out to order. Creating a unique gift for Christmas can now be done in the palm of your hand in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy!

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