There was a time when one would leave a front door unlocked, windows were left open to catch the breeze and all neighbors looked out for one another. If you don’t remember such a time, chances are an older member of your family does and misses that era. Today, it’s more important than ever to make sure we put measures in place so we feel as safe and secure as possible. Here are some ways to feel safer in today’s world:

Keep the Family to a Routine.


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Predictability can go a long way when it comes to feeling safe. Familiar streets, routes and people are all things that can reassure you that the chances of something dangerous happening are lower. If you stick to a routine, it is easier to stay alert to anything out of the ordinary and then act on that alert to ensure your safety.

Get Trained in Self Defense


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In today’s society, no longer can you be assured that your friendly neighbor is who he says he is and unfortunately, there is always the chance that anybody you have formed a relationship with can act in unexpected and startling ways. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get trained in self-defense.

There are more self defense classes available than the typical ones where you learn how to attack an attacker using kicks, punches and various physical moves (although those are great too). Other classes are available wherein you can learn a skill for potential use against a person out to do harm to you. Get trained on how to use pepper spray or a stun gun, get your concealed weapons permit and understand how to properly handle a weapon.

Avoid Dark Alleys and Enclosed Spaces

Even though danger can lurk in even the most unexpected places, keep cautious of those areas that are known for hiding people and groups who are up to no good. A dark alley can be home to the homeless, desperate for money, the gang members, eager to take part in some sort of violent act, or any other dangerous person who poses a threat to your well-being.

Utilize a Security Service

Whether for residential or commercial uses, a security system will give added protection and make you feel safe. It’s a great thing to have a workplace secure from the threat of break-ins and theft of assets, but a home security monitoring service will give you the utmost peace of mind for the place you rest your head.

Know Where the Exits are


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With the recent increase in seemingly random societal violence, it’s a good idea to make note of the exits when entering a building, be it a movie theater, school, or restaurant. After all, if something bad were to occur, having these locations in mind will work to propel you to safety. More than being a place to escape through should violence break out, knowing where the exits are can also save you in a fire.

Remain Alert and Be Suspicious

It’s important, but it’s not enough to simply avoid spots with a higher chance of a crime occurring. Unfortunately, a vast number of crimes occur without any warning. Remain alert and you have the greatest chance of spotting a crime occurring before it actually does.

In this new world of increased crime, it’s important to do what’s necessary to protect your self and your loved ones from harm. In doing so, you are paving the way for safety and security in your life.


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