Do you know that there are more students taking online courses than ever before? Those who have just graduated high school are pursuing bachelor’s degrees online due to the fact that online courses are more flexible. The same can be said for students pursuing master’s degrees. The RN to MSN programs available from top universities are among the most popular online courses today.

To be able to complete an online course with ease, you need a number of gadgets to help you. A capable laptop such as the Dell XPS 13 or a smartphone that can be used for tethering and accessing the online learning platform are great tools to have. You also need a good external drive for all of your books and course materials. Here are a number of external drives to consider.

Samsung T3

If you only need an external drive for storing files and documents, speed should not be a big concern. If you’re taking an online degree in advertising or graphic design, however, you will be working on multimedia files on a regular basis. This is where opting for an external SSD comes in handy.

The Samsung T3 is the best external SSD to go for today. It comes equipped with USB 3.1, which means transfer speed – both read and write – is immensely good. You can also pick up the Samsung T3 in the capacity that suits you best. The drive is available with up to 2TB of storage space.

It is also worth noting that the Samsung T3 is fast enough for video editing, so you can use it to edit videos on Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. The only downside is the price; be sure to take a look at some special offers before deciding to buy this drive.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra

Western Digital recently refreshed its line of My Passport external drives, including the My Passport Ultra series. The new design makes these external drives sleeker. The drives also come in more colors than before, plus it now has an updated USB 3.0 connectivity for faster read and write speed.

Design improvement is not the only thing to expect from the new Western Digital My Passport. Storage space is a huge advantage when opting for this external drive. When taking the MSN online degree from universities such as The University of Arizona, for example, you will need to store a lot of documents and files. WD My Passport’s choices of storage capacity – with drives of up to 4TB available – is a huge plus in this case.

LaCie Rugged RAID

The LaCie Rugged series may come across as pricey at first, but this line of external drives does offer something that other products don’t: extra durability. As the name suggests, the LaCie Rugged drives are designed to be shock and waterproof. You can also get up to 4TB of storage in RAID setup for maximum data protection or increased data transfer speed.

Of course, there are other external drives available on the market. Which of these options do you think is best? Be sure to share your choices in the comments section below.

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